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Recycled Threads made it's debut back in 2010. Sara Hobson, Owner  - started her career in fashion retail as a buyer for a local high end boutique. Once she became a mom, it became her ultimate goal to keep her career and be home with her family. She began selling pre owned high end designer clothing from her previous clients at "rack sales" she would have out of her home.

The idea for the Rack Sales came from trips to New York & Los Angeles, while working as a Buyer. She loved shopping samples sales in the city. Sara thought the concept was genius! She wanted to imitate this same idea in Wichita, Ks. Bringing high end fashion to the women who live here (and surrounding areas) at a discounted price.

"My vision for this business, came from my love of designer clothing & wanting everyone to be able to afford it. Being the mother of two beautiful girls, I am always searching for ways to be a good role model to my daughters. I think it is uber chic to be Eco-Friendly too. Buying & selling pre-loved clothing is a major form of recycling too - Reclaiming & re-using items that might have otherwise ended up in landfill. Fact: The average person throws away 100 pounds of clothing a year."

Since then, we have taken the business in a new direction - In 2012, Recycled Threads launched its website, offering our pre-loved merchandise to fashionistas around the world. Being online allows unlimited exclusive access to the ultimate collection of pre-owned designer fashion from the most fashionable closets in the Midwest 

In 2016, Recycled Threads grew from it's original 200 square foot basement set up, to it's current location in the Wichita, Ks Douglas Design District - of nearly 700 square feet.